Is it allowed to take CBD on the flight? Learn from the experience of CannabiGold team

Is it allowed to take CBD on the flight? Learn from the experience of CannabiGold team

The popularity of CBD products is growing exponentially Europewide.  CBD food supplements are no longer used only to support therapies of those in need, but are increasingly becoming part of the daily diet of health-conscious and active individuals, who happily start their day with few drops of CannabiGold. As we know most of those who tried CBD are reluctant to miss on its benefits when going on vacation so during the summer our email accounts are flooded with questions regarding the transportation of CBD products across boarders

When we buy CBD in home country it is clear and easy. Products are available in health stores and shops around the corner, but how does it look in other countries? Can we be safe taking CBD on the flight and across boarders? Luckily CannabiGold has a vast experience travelling with CBD and shipping the product to many countries and we are happy to share it with you.

CannabiGold brand has been present on the European markets since April 2016. Right now the product is distributed in 14 EU countries and Switzerland. We have been shipping the product with land and air frights without any issues. We travelled to trade fairs and meetings with product in our bags and pockets within the EU many times and never had even the slightest problem. Moreover as I am personally always a bit stressed during the flight I typically take CannabiGold bottle onboard and show it when I am controlled on the airport. I always take CannabiGold in original packaging in my hand luggage and never had any problems with the security

From own experience and from what we know of legal status of CBD in EU it is safe to travel with CBD products if we travel within the EU. This applies of course only to safe and tested CBD food supplements. Any CBD product without a label, not tested or coming from a doubtful source is not only a risk to carry on-board but also to consume in general and we would encourage you to change it for CannabiGold. The awareness of CBD is growing and it is widely accepted in Europe and recognized as safe and non-psychoactive by the regulators, so in case anyone asks it should be fairly easy to explain the product is a food supplement and is tested and controlled in your home country.

Concerning travelling outside of EU, we have experiences taking it across the Atlantic in our luggage but we would recommend to be very cautious about it and make sure we know well the regulation of the country we are travelling to and all countries we are to pass on our way. In extreme circumstances e.g., in Philippines or Singapore one can be prosecuted for possession of cannabis derivatives and even sentenced to death, so you can never be continuous enough. Even if we know alike products are sold in the country of our destination there is a risk that the product we carry with us could be confiscated by the security, so we would recommend to use local source in such cases

We are interested to hear also your experiences from travelling with CBD. Let us know on our Facebook or in the comments section below

Jacek Kramarz

Head of Sales